Shareholder Investigation of GrubHub, Inc.

GrubHub, Inc. (GRUB) Accused of Unlawful Business Practices

On July 15, 2019, The New Food Economy reported that Grubhub, Inc (GRUB) registered more than 20,000 web domains, many matching the names of its restaurant customers.  Grubhub claimed it obtained explicit permission from the restaurants to purchase domains in their names; however, many of these restaurant owners commented that they were unaware they had granted permission for the creation of these sites. Another complaint against the company alleges GrubHub charges erroneous fees to restaurants from phone orders generated through websites it operates. The Small Business Association is investigating these complaints and New York Senator Chuck Schumer recently demanded that Grubhub change its practices or he would seek the aid of the Federal Trade Commission.

GrubHub, Inc. (GRUB) Shareholders Have Legal Options

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