Investigation of Sanderson Farms, Inc.

Sanderson Farms, Inc. (SAFM) Accused of Conspiring to Fix Prices

In September 2016, Sanderson and other broiler industry leaders were accused of violating federal antitrust laws by systematically colluding to fix chicken prices between 2008 and 2016. Broiler industry leaders were aware that price is largely influenced by supply, and since most of the Broiler industry was vertically integrated, the companies had complete autonomy over the supply of Broilers, and therefore the capacity to control price. With this knowledge, Sanderson and other Broiler companies limited production and exchanged detailed information through the data service, Agri Stats. Agri Stats’ company-specific information allowed Sanderson and other industry leaders to constantly monitor almost every aspect of one another’s business and ensure that no company was “cheating” on their agreement to limit production. As a result, industry leaders kept their supplies low and maintained their high prices.

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