Appreciate Holdings, Inc.

Robbins LLP is Investigating the Officers and Directors of Appreciate Holdings, Inc. on Behalf of Investors

Robbins LLP is investigating Appreciate Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: SFR) to determine whether certain Appreciate Holdings officers and directors violated securities laws and breached fiduciary duties to shareholders by engaging in a conflicted SPAC process. In November 2022, special purpose acquisition company PropTech Investment Corporation II completed a business combination with Appreciate, after which the company proceeded to operate as Appreciate Holdings, Inc. While the stock briefly traded over $10.00, it now trades around $0.32.  

What Now: Appreciate Holdings, Inc. shareholders have legal options.  If you owned shares of PropTech Investment Corporation II at the time of the business combination and have incurred significant loss in the stock, contact us for more information about your rights.

All representation is on a contingency fee basis. Shareholders pay no fees or expenses.

Send us a message for more information.

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