Our investment monitoring provides peace of mind to investors by monitoring their stocks, alerting them of corporate misconduct, and empowering them to demand corporate accountability.


    Compare your holdings to our investigations and cases


    U.S. publicly traded investments, including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds


    When there is corporate wrongdoing involving your investments


    Monthly newsletter identifying new investigations and class action settlements


    When a company sued for securities violations settles the case against it


    Speak with an attorney about the best course of action to protect your assets


    Experienced team in your corner providing valuable information and investment monitoring

Newest Class Actions

Shareholder Rights Attorneys

We hold corporate executives accountable for misconduct that harms shareholder investments and consumer rights.

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Championing The Rights Of Shareholders And Consumers

Founded in 2002, Robbins LLP is a complex litigation law firm that helps shareholders and consumers recover losses, improve corporate governance structures, and hold corporate executives accountable for their corporate mismanagement, anticompetitive misconduct, and dishonest sales practices.


Driven By Integrity

At Robbins LLP, we are guided by our strong principles and hold steadfast to our belief that corporations and the fiduciaries who run them should be held accountable for their wrongdoing. Whether you are concerned about corporate misconduct or believe you were misled to invest in a company, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to find a solution for you.

Defined By Unity

Unity is the backbone of the firm’s mission. Our attorneys and staff work each case as a team in tandem with our clients. We believe when we are united as one, we can achieve results that benefit all shareholders and consumers.

Dedicated To Excellence

At Robbins LLP, dedication to excellence means holding ourselves to the highest standard possible. We don’t stop until we achieve our goal, working tirelessly to find the best possible solutions for our clients.

For nearly 20 years, we have attained successful results. When you choose Robbins LLP, you can rest assured our skilled and dedicated team of attorneys has your best interests in mind.

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