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In 2021 there were 116 monetary settlements of securities fraud class actions in the U.S. resulting in $3.51 billion recovered for shareholders

If you lost money because a company you invested in committed securities fraud violations, you may be eligible to recover for the losses you incurred. To ensure we provide you with the most relevant information impacting your investments, update Stock Watch Today!

By updating your holdings in Stock Watch, we can timely notify you regarding your legal options when a company or its corporate executives damage your investment through: 

  • Accounting Fraud 
  • Fraudulent misstatement
  • Insider trading
  • Self-dealing

You will also have access to class action settlement claim forms and our assistance with filing claims.

What To expect After an Update

  • Your newly added investments will be evaluated against our database of active investigations.
  • If the companies you identify are under investigation, we will contact you.
  • If none of your holdings are under investigation, we will contact you in the future if we identify wrongful activity.

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