Our Firm

Founded in 2002, Robbins LLP is a complex litigation law firm that helps shareholders and consumers recover losses, improve corporate governance structures, and hold corporate executives accountable for their corporate mismanagement, anticompetitive misconduct, and dishonest sales practices.

Mission, Vision, And Values

Building on our core values of excellence, integrity, and unity, we are committed to the principle that the directors and managers of publicly traded corporations must be held accountable to the owners of the enterprise – the stockholders. That’s why when corporations or their fiduciaries harm stockholders through misconduct, we take action.


Robbins LLP also represents individuals and businesses injured by anticompetitive conduct in violation of antitrust laws, consumers damaged by unfair business practices, employees damaged when their retirement funds have lost value due to improper management or fraud, as well as whistleblowers who expose wrongdoing within their companies.

Celebrated Litigators In Your Corner

To achieve our vision of being among the nation’s foremost shareholder and consumer rights law firms, we leverage our lawyers’ decades of experience to ensure our clients receive quality legal representation and responsive, dedicated client services. Our litigation team includes former federal prosecutors and career plaintiffs’ lawyers educated at top-tier law schools, such as Yale, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and Georgetown University. Our attorneys are supported by an incomparable team of professional staff who share the firm’s core values and who are committed to making the firm’s vision a reality.


Justice Served

Our litigation law firm is not intimidated by moneyed interests or discouraged by uphill battles. In fact, we thrive on the challenges we face knowing that at the end of the day we have done right by our clients. We have litigated and won high-profile cases against multinational corporations, high-ranking public officials, and top corporate executives. We have restored over $1 billion of value to shareholders, forced sweeping corporate governance reforms, and helped consumers obtain financial recoveries through consumer and antitrust litigation. We are proud of our results and even prouder of our reputation, dedication, and hard work.

Clients First

Robbins LLP offers new case evaluations, litigation services, and investment monitoring. We do not just jump right in and file a case. We take a methodical approach to investigating each claim that includes detailed vetting by our New Matters and Corporate Research departments. Whether you bring your claim to us or we alert you of potential wrongdoing by corporate officers and directors through a Stock Watch notification, we will evaluate each claim and offer a unique perspective on the best approach to obtaining a recovery.

Our legal services are offered on a contingency fee basis, which means we are not paid unless we win – and we work hard to win. Whatever the outcome, our clients are not responsible for paying fees or costs.

Beyond The Courtroom

Robbins LLP champions the cause of the vulnerable, disenfranchised, and underrepresented both inside and outside the courtroom. We support nonprofit organizations that promote education, health and social services for the most vulnerable members of society, and that share our passion for sustainable economic development and good environmental citizenship.


Our firm-wide community outreach program spearheads donation drives, community and recreation area clean-ups, and recycling initiatives, as well as raises money and awareness for important social causes.


Demand Justice Today

Stockholder rights and consumer protections are guaranteed by the law. When corporate entities violate these laws, justice is not automatic – it must be demanded. Robbins LLP is here to help. Our aggressive litigation techniques, skilled attorneys, and high-profile successes in complex litigation law have established Robbins LLP as a leader in our practice areas.


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