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Stock Watch Provides Legal Oversight And Alerts About Your Investments

Stock Watch is a free service that we provide at Robbins LLP. Employing sophisticated, hand-picked research tools and subscription services, our team monitors your publicly traded U.S. investments for corporate wrongdoing. If we discover wrongdoing by corporate fiduciaries, we will notify you and advise you of your legal options. Then, if you wish to pursue a claim, we will represent you for free. We will even assist you in completing class action settlement claim forms so you can receive your share of the settlement proceeds.

Protecting the privacy, confidentiality and security of our clients’ information is of utmost importance. Our customizable database allows us to maintain and safeguard client information and transaction data.

Empowering Shareholders To Demand Corporate Accountability

Every investor who suffers economic injury as a result of corporate mismanagement and securities fraud has the right to seek compensation but few have the time or legal knowledge to monitor their holdings and evaluate their options when wrongdoing occurs. We can do that for you through Stock Watch.

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Who Is Stock Watch For?




What Are The Benefits Of Stock Watch?

Stock Watch provides invaluable benefits for those enrolled. These benefits include:
  • Investment monitoring

    We will evaluate your investments using our database of active investigations and cases. We use sophisticated, hand-picked research tools to support continued monitoring of corporate misconduct.

  • Alerts and notifications

    An attorney will contact you if we identify violations of securities law and other unlawful activities that may negatively impact your holdings.

  • Free legal advice and representation

    We will explain the results of our investigation and the ways in which you can hold corporate executives accountable for their wrongful behavior. There is no obligation to take action, but if you choose to do so, Robbins LLP will represent you for free.

  • Simplified class action claims

    If a company in which you have invested decides to settle a case brought against it, we will send you the claim form and assist you in filling it out. After that, you will receive a check for your portion of the settlement.

  • Peace of mind

    You can invest confidently knowing you have our team advocating for your interests and helping to protect your investments.

Enrollment in Stock Watch is completely free. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by enlisting the watchdog services of Robbins LLP to monitor your investments on your behalf.

Standing With Individual Shareholders

Corporate Wrongdoing Costs Investors Billions Of Dollars Annually

Whether you are new to investing or have a lifetime of experience, and regardless of how much stock you own, the people who run the companies you own stock in are required to treat your investment with the utmost care and respect. Unfortunately, headlines reveal repeated instances of negligent and unlawful activity that can quickly devalue your investments and result in the loss of billions of dollars for investors. Protect your investments with our lawyers on your side.

Investment Monitoring Through A Reliable Legal Lens

Through Stock Watch, Robbins LLP monitors the activities of the corporate fiduciaries at publicly traded corporations and informs investors about violations of securities laws, insider trading, self-dealing, accounting fraud, unfair mergers or acquisitions, and other unlawful activities. Investors receive free evaluations of their legal rights and options. There is no obligation to pursue legal action, but if the investor chooses this course, Robbins LLP will represent the investor’s interests – free of charge.

Smart Investing Starts With Staying Informed

Stock Watch provides shareholders with information so they can make informed choices. From instances of corporate wrongdoing to notification of class action settlements, shareholders learn about legal issues affecting their investments – free of charge. Enroll now to receive your monthly Stock Watch alert containing Robbins LLP‘s ongoing investigations and notification of securities fraud class actions.


Insightful Guidance For Financial Advisers And Their Clients

Helping Financial Advisers With Their Obligations To Protect Their Clients’ Investments

Financial advisers help to ensure their clients are invested in healthy securities and other income-earning assets to increase their clients’ wealth. Robbins LLP helps financial advisers uphold their obligations to manage the assets honestly, efficiently, and with the proper transparency and legal protection.

Stock Watch Adds Dimension To The Services Financial Advisers Provide Their Clients

When our corporate research team identifies wrongdoing, financial advisers receive relevant and timely information about their clients’ investments so they can assist their clients in making informed decisions about their positions. Robbins LLP does not offer investment advice and will never suggest a client change a financial position based on our research. We will, however, offer legal advice regarding the wrongdoing we uncover and ways in which future harm against the assets may be prevented. As a member of Stock Watch, your clients will receive information regarding class action settlements and assistance filing settlement claim forms, if necessary.

Enroll In Stock Watch To

For more information about Stock Watch for institutional investors contact Robbins LLP.

Skilled, Proven Advocates For Institutional Investors

Helping Fund Trustees Protect Their Beneficiaries’ Retirement Funds

Pension funds, endowments, foundations, family offices, and other institutional investors often use asset managers to oversee their investments, custodians to house their trading data and investment advisers to guide their portfolio strategies. These professionals typically do not inform institutional investors when their portfolios lose value due to corporate misconduct and they cannot provide legal advice regarding investors’ rights and remedies.

Investment Portfolio Monitoring

Through Stock Watch, Robbins LLP’s free investment portfolio monitoring service, we help institutional investors stay abreast of corporate wrongdoing affecting their investments. At no cost or obligation, we alert institutional investors of corporate fraud or other misconduct that has damaged their investment returns, guide them through the evaluation process to determine what, if any, legal action they can take and provide strategic legal counsel to redress the loss on behalf of fund beneficiaries. We offer customized services and notification protocols to meet the needs of each of our participating institutional investors.

Unions And Pension Funds

Robbins LLP’s attorneys litigate fiercely on behalf of union members’ retirement funds when their pooled assets lose value due to corporate fraud or misconduct. We represent a number of Taft-Hartley pension funds from a wide variety of professions and trades, including ironworkers, carpenters, millwrights, plumbers and pipefitters. Our experience working with fund trustees for these trades has given us unique insight into their operations, needs and fund objectives. We understand that trustees of Taft-Hartley Health and Welfare Funds are held to the highest standards of fiduciary conduct under ERISA. Our attorneys help fund fiduciaries fulfill their obligation to protect the retirement funds of the professionals and tradespersons on whose behalf they invest.


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