Investigation of Evenflo Company, Inc.

If you or anyone you know purchased “Big Kid” booster seats made by Evenflo Company, Inc. please contact us for more information.

Evenflo Company, Inc. Accused of Falsely Advertising the Safety of its Booster Seats

Evenflo Company, Inc. is being investigated for its false and misleading messaging about the safety and efficacy of its “Big Kid” booster seats. In 2018, side-impact crashes were responsible for more than a quarter of deaths in vehicle collisions of children under 15, creating a demand for car seat products that help mitigate the risk of these collisions. To compete with its top competitor, Evenflo advertised its “Big Kid” booster seats as “side-impact tested” and safe for children as small as 30 pounds. Evenflo touted its side-impact tests as “rigorous” and simulating realistic conditions; however, its tests were self-created and failed to relate to the actual forces in side-impact collisions. Additionally, the booster seats’ ability to pass its side-impact collision tests was incredibly easy, allowing many booster seats to pass despite evidence they caused the dummies to move in a way that would have subjected real children to serious head injury. After legitimate testing was done on the Big Kid booster seats, it was discovered that the benefit to children involved in side-impact collisions was questionable, especially those under 40 pounds. As a result of Evenflo’s “side-impact tested” claims, the Company has sold more than 18 million Big Kid booster seats, allowing Evenflo to make millions of dollars of profits meanwhile subjecting millions of children to the risk of grave injury or even death.

If you or anyone you know purchased these products by Evenflo Company, Inc. please contact us for more information.

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