Robbins LLP Is Investigating Virtus Investment Partners, Inc.’s (VRTS) AlphaSector Funds on Behalf of Investors

Robbins LLP is investigating Virtus Investment Partners, Inc.’s (NasdaqGS: VRTS) AlphaSector funds managed by F-Squared Investments Inc.: Premium AlphaSector (VAPAX), Allocator Premium AlphaSector (VAAAX), AlphaSector Rotation (PWBAX), Global Premium AlphaSector (VGPAX), and Dynamic AlphaSector (EMNAX).

F-Squared’s Actions May Have Negatively Impacted Virtus’s AlphaSector Funds

On September 3, 2014, The Wall Street Journal reported that F-Squared had received a Wells notice from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recommending an enforcement action over the performance claims of certain fund indexes. The SEC investigation is focused on how F-Squared advertised the performance of its quantitative stock strategies from April 2001 through September 2008, and alleges that the advertised returns for the AlphaSector U.S. stock strategy were “systematically incorrect” and thus “clearly overstated” before October 2008. F-Squared relied on past performance to assert that its “proprietary models” worked as represented, when they were not actually tested.

Robbins LLP is investigating whether the prospectus’s for the AlphaSector funds misled investors into investing in the funds between April 2001 and September 2008, by making false and/or misleading statements about past returns and performance.

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