Investigation of FleetCor Technologies, Inc.

FleetCor Technologies, Inc. (FLT) Accused of Exploitative Business Practices

According to the complaint, FleetCor Technologies, Inc. (FLT) has marketed its fuel cards, charge cards that customers can distribute to vehicle drivers to purchase fuel and other transportation-related products and services, since at least 2014. FleetCor has enticed businesses to sign up for its fuel cards by making claims that it will allow customers to save money, provide fraud controls from unauthorized transactions, and do not require set-up, transaction, or membership fees. FleetCor failed to mention, however, that many small- and medium-sized business customers do not achieve the claimed per-gallon savings FleetCor advertised, that FleetCor’s fuel cards permit unauthorized purchases of any type of good available at a fueling site regardless of whether a customer selected “fuel only” status, and that after signing up, many customers are subjected to millions of dollars in unexpected fee charges. As a result of these exploitative business practices, many of FleetCor’s customers have complained to entities like the Better Business Bureau and The Federal Trade Commission, leading to litigation against FleetCor that could potentially damage its investors.

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