Freedom Holding Corp.

Freedom Holding Corp. (FRHC) is Being Investigated by the DOJ and SEC

Robbins LLP is investigating Freedom Holding Corp. (NASDAQ: FRHC) to determine whether certain Freedom Holding Corp. officers and directors violated securities laws and breached fiduciary duties to shareholders. Freedom Holding Corp., through its subsidiaries, provides retail securities brokerage, research, investment counseling, securities trading, market making, retail banking, corporate investment banking, and underwriting services.

On October 6, 2023, CNBC published an article online indicating that Freedom Holding Corp. is under scrutiny by the DOJ and SEC “over compliance issues, insider stock moves, and an offshore affiliate tied to sanctioned individuals.” According to the article, the SEC has been aware of potential securities violations by Freedom Holding Corp. since at least 2022.

Prior to the CNBC article, Citron Research and Hindenburg Research released reports questioning the business practices at Freedom Holding Corp.

Freedom Holding Corp. (FRHC) shareholders have legal options.  If you own shares of Freedom Holding Corp. or have incurred a recent significant loss in the stock, contact us for more information about your rights.

All representation is on a contingency fee basis. Shareholders pay no fees or expenses.

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