Globe Life Inc.

Globe Life Inc.’s (GL) Subsidiary is the Subject of a Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Assault and Harassment

Robbins LLP is investigating Globe Life Inc. (NYSE: GL) to determine whether certain Globe Life officers and directors violated securities laws and breached fiduciary duties to shareholders in connection with allegations that the Company’s agents engaged in a pattern of unchecked sexual assault and harassment. Globe Life Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides various life and supplemental health insurance products, and annuities to lower middle to middle income households in the United States. It’s largest subsidiary is American Income Life (AIL).

According to an Insider article published in February 2023, AIL is the subject of a lawsuit filed by a female agent against AIL and her male managers. According to the article, female agents were the subject of sexual harassment, and aggressive, violent, and misogynistic behavior. They witnessed the open use of cocaine, steroids, male enhancement drugs, and other controlled substances. The article also details customer abuses and fraud. Top managers at AIL were allegedly  aware of allegations of inappropriate sexual misconduct and drug abuse as far back as 2015, when a claim of misbehavior by top managers was escalated to AIL senior management. The article not only details explicit instances of misconduct by its star agents, but also references inappropriate conduct by AIL’s senior executives.

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