Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.

Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. Faces Myriad Consumer Class Action Lawsuits

Robbins LLP announces it is investigating Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: HTZ) to determine whether certain Hertz officers and directors violated securities laws and breached fiduciary duties to shareholders. Hertz operates as a vehicle rental company.     

Former customers have filed a class action lawsuit alleging that Hertz – by ignoring payments and rental extensions – misled police in order to have them arrested. These complaints allege that Hertz failed to internally validate and verify information submitted for police reports in an effort to cut down costs; Hertz “let[] the police find the cars it has lost.” Additionally, Hertz has been accused of extorting its customers. For example, over Thanksgiving 2021, a law professor reserved a car, arrived at her appointment on time, and waited in line for 2 hours, only be told that Hertz couldn’t help her and closed for the night. When she tried to rebook, Hertz quoted $1400 over the original price, but when she showed up, it was not available. Customer responses to these incidents reflect similar experiences and egregious conduct by Hertz. The bad press and ill-will generated by this news, in addition to the settlement payouts, could ultimately impact shareholder value.

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