Certain Investment Activities May Actually Be Securities Fraud

Investing in stocks has become a popular way for Americans to pad their nest eggs or even become wealthy. However, trading in the stock market comes with many risks for investors. If you make a bad decision, you could lose much of your nest egg, leaving you feeling insecure about your future.

As if the natural risks inherent in trading are not enough to worry about, securities fraud can also rob you of funds you have set aside for investments. Those who lack experience in trading often fall victim to one or more schemes. Some of the activities that are against the law include:

  • Making misleading or outright false statements
  • Stealing or misappropriating investment funds
  • Manipulating the volume or price of stocks
  • Bribing foreign officials
  • Abusive short selling

Unfortunately, securities fraud harms more than one person and it harms the national economy as well. Therefore, victims should consider taking legal action when they have been defrauded. An effective way to call out these illegal activities is to speak with an attorney about your situation.

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