What Rights Do Shareholders Have?

Do You Need Help Protecting Your Rights?

When shareholders hear of corporate wrongdoing, some mistakenly believe that they do not have any rights or recourse. This could not be farther from the truth. As a shareholder, you are guaranteed certain rights regarding your investments. However, it takes the advocacy of a strong attorney to enforce these rights. We are the shareholders’ rights firm of Robbins LLP. We assist shareholders to enforce their rights and seek justice following corporate malfeasance. Serving clients throughout San Diego and the nation, we are prepared to champion your rights as we preserve your financial future.


What Are My Rights as a Shareholder?

State and federal laws provide numerous protections for the rights of investors. But what are my rights as a shareholder? As an individual shareholder, you are entitled to:

  • The right to vote on certain business decisions, including electing directors
  • The right to view certain financial documents and records, such as the minutes of board meetings
  • The right to receive dividends that the company pays
  • The right to own a portion of company assets
  • The right to transfer ownership of stock
  • The right to sue for acts of wrongdoing

We can often resolve our clients’ cases out of court, attaining favorable resolutions without going to trial. However, we are also experienced litigators. The world of shareholders’ rights litigation is immensely complex, but we have more than demonstrated our skill, knowledge, and success in this field. We can help you protect your future.

Have Your Rights Been Violated Due To Corporate Misconduct?

Work with Robbins LLP to stand up for your rights as a shareholder. Your financial security may depend on it. Schedule an initial consultation with us to discuss your rights and legal options. To contact us, call 1-800-350-6003 or send us an email.

Having information at your fingertips is easier than ever. Enroll in Robbins LLP’s free investment monitoring service, Stock Watch, for notifications of corporate misconduct impacting the value of your investments, advice on how to hold corporate officers and directors accountable for their misconduct, and to receive information about class action settlements. 

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