Corporate Merger And Acquisition Class Actions FAQs

The team at Robbins LLP is here to answer questions about merger and acquisition class actions that appear unlawful or harmful to shareholders. Contact us today.

What Is A Corporate Merger And Acquisition Class Action?

Shareholders may bring corporate mergers and acquisitions class action lawsuits when the corporations they are invested in are targeted for unfair acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, privatization, and similar transactions. The unfair aspects of the proposed transaction may be unfair in substance or procedures. The class action will seek to remedy the unfair part of the transaction while ensuring that it is in shareholders’ best interests. This type of legal action should protect shareholders’ rights to access relevant information before they vote on a transaction. At the same time, the class action should remove obstacles to a fair sale and improve the expected benefits of the sale.

What Are My Responsibilities As A Plaintiff In A Class Action?

As a plaintiff in any type of class action, you will represent yourself and other shareholders who were harmed by the same wrongdoing. As the plaintiff, you must act in the best interests of this group or “class.” It is your job to stay informed, to work with your lawyers to design and implement strategies for effective litigation, and to make decisions as needed.

Does It Cost Anything To Participate In A Corporate Merger And Acquisition Class Action?

No. Representative plaintiffs in actions brought by Robbins LLP are not responsible for paying attorneys’ fees or expenses. All costs and expenses of the litigation are advanced by Robbins LLP. We only recover our fees and costs – paid for by defendants – if we are successful in obtaining a substantial benefit for the corporation.

How Do I Retain Robbins LLP To Represent Me In A Corporate Merger And Acquisition Class Action?

Call Robbins LLP at 1-800-350-6003 or contact us online to speak to one of our attorneys about your concerns.

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